Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holiday parties and campfires

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Project

Aaron Wright, an entertainment writer for the Norman Transcript, describes a day in the life of a reporter. You will hear her talk about her daily schedule and the impromptu life that her career requires her to lead. While I was interviewing her, she told me that to do her job, you need to be able to do more than just write. For example, uploading videos is a part of her job that she is required to do everyday. Debra Parker, Aaron's editor, says that Aaron is so successful because she is eager to take on assignments and she has the communication skills that allow people to feel comfortable while talking with her. After talking to Wright and Parker, I realized all the different skill sets a journalist needs to be a success.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


As a freshman I had no idea what UOSA stood for let alone what they actually do. It wasn't until recently that I found out UOSA (or University of Oklahoma Student Association) is actually our student government. The UOSA branch you should be most informed on is the Undergraduate Student Congress. There are seven different branches within the Undergraduate Student Congress, which include:
  • Academic Affairs
  • External Affairs
  • Problems and Projects
  • Congressional Administration
  • Ways and Means
  • Public Relations
  • Executive
If you're interested in getting involved it's easy to get started. Anyone is welcome to a committees meetings. Pick which one you're most interested in and go for it. If you have a few problems you want fixed at OU, then the Problems and Projects committee is the right pick for you. Or, if you have an idea you want to get out there you can e-mail to make yourself heard.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you Linkedin?

It's true you're "only a freshman" now, but it's not too early to start thinking about possible future internships and employers. Now, don't start freaking out yet. There's a simple and easy way to begin this process: build your own website. Again, do not freak out. You've already done this via Facebook, Twitter, or another social networking site of your choosing. Maybe it's time to step away from the world of tweets and notifications, and consider giving another social site a chance. is a social networking website that helps you find connections based off your contacts found in your e-mail address book. All you have to do go to the website, fill out your name and e-mail address and voila! You're one step closer to finding a future employer. I talked to Drea Segura, a Public Relations major at OU, who has a Linkedin account of her own.

Norman Music Festivities

The Norman Music Festival is back starting April 24th. Some of you may have already heard of this event that goes on every year, but some of us out-of-staters may have no idea what this is. Sierra Self, university freshman originally from Grapevine says "As a musician it sounds interesting, I just think they need to advertise the better." With over 16 stages and ongoing music by various bands over a two day period, you have every opportunity to go see at least one band of your choice. The music starts at different times according to the venue but lasts all day Saturday and Sunday. Also, don't feel like you have to bum a ride off your friends if you don't have a way of getting to the site of your favorite band. CART will be happy to give you a ride from noon until midnight on Sunday, April 25th. For more information visit the Norman Music Festival Website, where you can find out what bands are playing, what to bring and what not to bring, etc... Enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Midterm Project

Jall Cowsaji, a foreign exchange student from India, is learning to deal with the culture differences in the United States compared to his home. He says that people here are more concerned with their outward appearances rather than a person's character. Although Jall went to an international high school, it has always been easy to make friends with Indians because of their similar background.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Studying Outside Your Dorm Room

Considering this is your second semester in college and you're now a seasoned veteran when it comes to studying, you've probably gotten use to your regular places: your dorm room, your friend's dorm room, your usual corner at The Bizzell, etc... Have you ever thought to look further than your typical study spots? Well, a change of scenery might do you some good. Here are a few suggestions...

For the coffee lover: Michaelangelo's and Fancy That are both great cafes/coffee shops off Main Street in downtown Norman that have a lot of character. Similarly, Cafe Plaid not only has great food, but a coffee bar too, plus big open tables where you can spread out with all of your work. And, because it's located on Campus Corner, it's within walking distance and gets OUWiFi.

For the nature lover:
It's [finally] getting warm outside! So post up on the tables outside the Union or in the courtyard near Price. As long as you're on campus, you get WiFi, so why not get your tan on and write a paper at the same time?

For the oh-so-studious student: If you need absolute zero distraction, take advantage of the 24/7 study rooms located on the 12th floor of the Couch and Walker Dorms. Trust me, you won't be able to use them as much as you think next year. While you're at it, use some of your points to stock up on snacks from Etcetera.

For the group worker: If you like studying with your friends but can't all fit into your tiny dorm room, you can rent rooms online at a number of buildings, including Price Business College or the Library.

Really, you can study anywhere on campus. Whether it's in between classes at the Union or out on the grass on the South Oval, don't feel confined to the four concrete walls that OU calls a "bedroom".

I asked a sophomore student at The University of Oklahoma where she would study as a freshman:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exercise Outside The Huff

University of Oklahoma sophomore, Michelle Stephenson, talks about why pilates is a good alternative exercise.

We all know you've been working out like a maniac to perfect your physique for your first college spring break experience. Aren't you tired of doing the same work out routine every day at the same place with the same people? Contrary to popular belief The Huff isn't the only place you can get a good workout in Norman, Oklahoma. It's true the classes they offer there are great, but going there every day can be redundant and boring, so why not try something new? There are a number of different places you can go to in order to get a good work out. If group fitness is your thing, there are a number of Pilates and Yoga studios in Norman. Pilates Plus is located right off Flood and is a mere ten minutes away from campus. Don't own a car? Not a problem, Ashtanga Yoga Studio is located on Campus Corner and is within walking distance. And if you're keeping a close eye on those calories, OU offers a great nutrition calculator where you can see the nutritional value for any given meal from restaurants located all around campus. With resources like these, you should be in top shape before you hit the beach in two weeks. For future reference, The University of Oklahoma also offers a plethora of work out classes that you can get an hour or two worth of credit from. You can take anything from Individual Fitness to Modern Dance and they're offered year round!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Under 21 Fun

As a freshman I always wondered if there was anything else to do on a Friday night besides going out to a house and watching people get drunk off of Keystone and McCormick's. Well, I'm telling you now: there is.

Instead of spending 15 bucks on a case of beer that you buy illegally, you could spend ten dollars on a ticket to the Opolis to see some pretty sweet underground bands. Think about it, you could be the first person out of all your friends to find the best music in town.

There's also Moe's Hookah Bar, which is right next to the Opolis. If you're into learning about different cultures, this is the place for you. Moe's even has belly dancing on certain nights.

Hookah bars can have a great atmosphere for group parties- so get all of your friends together and go lounge around a giant smoldering hookah.

If you're not into big crowds and want a more quiet night with a few close friends for cheap, there's always The Robinson Crossing 8 dollar theater. Student's typically like this place because of the price (duh) and because the service is suppose to be great.

The bottom line is this: not everyone is okay with the typical college binge drinking every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. If you're one of these people you still have plenty of options, so get out there and find something you like to do.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lissa and Cy: Your New Best Friends

Are you a freshman at The University of Oklahoma struggling with a Pre-cal assignment or English paper? Maybe you just need a reminder of where to go for advisement. Or perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed and need a little pep talk.

Well, Lissa and Cy Wagner Hall is here to help. Since opening in the Fall of 2009, it has become one of the most helpful resources for students.

Before Wagner hall opened its doors, students were advised in Carnegie Hall and tutoring was scattered throughout the campus.

Now, students are tutored in multiple subjects and advised all in the same place. Wagner Hall also offers seminars ranging from "Test-taking Strategies" to "Being a Happy and Healthy Sooner," which are designed to give students some insight on how to have a successful college career.

Sela Taylor, a University Freshman said she attended a seminar or two last semester for her Gateway class.

"At first I wasn't really looking forward to going, but then I realized just how helpful the seminars are. I feel like I learned a lot and can actually apply what they talked to us about."

What Wagner Hall offers:
  • Free Student Seminars to help you make the transition into college.
  • Action Tutoring for those extra tricky classes.
  • Skill Development Websites help you brush up on those basics you haven't practiced since 7th grade.
  • Placement Tests to help you get into the right math courses.
  • OU Lifeline for all questions regarding academics at OU- (405) 325-2574.
  • Career Tests to help you decide what you want to be when you "grow up."
This is only a small preview of what Wagner's website offers. So go check it out!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I took my sense of place picture in one of my friend's rooms that has a house in Norman. She has a lot of interesting art and knick-knacks in her room but I couldn't capture all of them sadly.

My picture without a person is of my roommate's cabinet of books and school supplies.

I want my target audience for this blog to be freshmen at the University of Oklahoma. I want them to know things that I didn't my first year at OU.